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About Megalytic

Megalytic was founded to design and build better reporting tools for analytics professionals. Our customers are agencies, freelancers and in-house analysts who need to produce engaging reports for clients, management or marketing colleagues.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Reporting is important. It connects you with your audience. Your reports communicate your insights to your clients and colleagues.

Megalytic reports help you connect with your audience. We are creating Megalytic to empower you to put the right data in front of the right person. This philosophy drives the design of Megalytic and our primary design principle is this:

Your clients and colleagues form an audience with varied needs.

Each member of your audience has different needs. Some want a high level overview. Some need lots of details. Some care about the performance of specific content. Others are interested in pay-per-click advertising results.

With this principle in mind, we are creating Megalytic to be as powerful and flexible as possible. Our goal is to enable you to express your insights and communicate them effectively. If you need a new Megalytic feature to help you communicate with your audience, we want to hear about it. Our approach to customer service is this:

Megalytic is your partner in reporting.

When customers contact us because they need a feature, we move heaven and earth to make it happen. Helping you create the reports you need is why we are in business.

Many of our most popular features resulted from customer requests. We love hearing from customers and working with them to make Megalytic better.

Megalytic's Founders

Portrait of Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen

Mark is responsible for Megalytic's product direction, growth, and customer satisfaction. He loves working with customers and thinking about how to make reporting better.

Portrait of Yaron Elyashiv
Yaron Elyashiv
VP of Engineering

Yaron handles all our software design and development. Truly a full-stack developer, he handles everything from PHP to Java, databases, and third-party APIs.

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