Megalytic for Agencies

Client Reporting, Simplified.

Use Megalytic to streamline your agency’s monthly client reporting process. Produce better reports and get them out faster.

  • Easy, fast setup – with templates to get you started.
  • Create exactly the charts and tables your need with our powerful widget library.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console (Webmaster Tools), Facebook Page & Advertising Insights.
    Even upload your own data.
  • Customize with your brand and logo.
  • Distribute to clients from your own email address.
  • Affordable plans for small and large agencies.

Megalytic is your partner in client reporting.

Agencies around the world use Megalytic for client reporting.

From freelancers to full service shops, from London to New York to Sydney, Digital Marketing Agencies are adopting Megalytic as their standard solution for monthly client reporting.

Why? Because Megalytic’s design reflects our core philosophy: Reporting is important. It connects you with your clients. Megalytic reports help you strengthen those client connections. Whether your report needs to explain the latest campaign, set the agenda for a regular meeting or upsell additional work.

Megalytic will save you time and money, but more importantly, your agency will produce better reports. That’s why agencies choose us. Because reporting is important.

Good Reporting Builds Relationships and Grows Business

Megalytic is a powerful tool that enables you to put the right data in front of each client. Present the success of your last campaign. Highlight opportunities for improvement. Whatever data you need to present to your client, you can pull it together quickly and easily with Megalytic.

Streamline Monthly Reporting

Setup your reports in Megalytic and run them each month in minutes instead of hours or days. Add your own comments each month to highlight important items and provide insight. Schedule delivery for the right day and time. Never miss another deadline.

Be Smart and Look Good Doing It

Clients want reports that provide them insight. That’s why Megalytic reports are smart, not dumbed-down or cookie-cutter. Megalytic reports are visually appealing and can be branded with your logo and cover page.

Features That Agencies Love

  • Templates to get you started quickly.
  • Dozens of widgets to create the charts and tables you need.
  • Logo and cover page to build your brand.
  • Room for plenty of comments, so you can add insight to the data.
  • Scheduling and mailing lists, so you can deliver reports to the right people. On time, automatically.
  • Reports distributed from your agency email address.
  • Tracking to ensure email delivery.
  • Web analytics from Google Analytics.
  • SEO metrics from Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).
  • PPC tracking from Google AdWords.
  • Page & advertising insights from Facebook.
  • CSV file support for uploading external data.
  • Image support to pull in charts from other tools.

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