How Website Development and Hosting Companies Can Grow Business with Megalytic

Who doesn’t want a great website?
With practically every business seeking to establish an impressive web presence, building and hosting websites has become a major industry. This field employs over 127,000 individuals in the US alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Developers, programmers and IT professionals are seeing the demand for their skills rise as digital needs become pervasive in nearly every vertical.
Website development companies typically seek to provide a brand with an online identity through a functional, well-designed website. However, many development companies are overlooking an opportunity to engage beyond the point of building and hosting websites. In this article, we’ll talk about opportunities to use analytics reporting to grow client relationships past web development and hosting services.


Website Development and Hosting Company


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Using the AdWords Report Editor to Optimize Campaigns

Humans are visual creatures. A widely cited statistic states that 65% of the population are “visual learners”. No wonder most people would agree with the colloquial wisdom that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
Google gets that, and that’s why there are a number of great ways to use the AdWords Report Editor for both data analysis and client communication.
The Report Editor is perhaps one of the most underused features in AdWords. Rolled out toward the end of 2015, this tool allows you to analyze data within your account in a more visual, and sometimes more granular, view than the main reporting section can produce. In fact, you can even create some reports that previously required an export into Excel.
PPC managers can use the Report Editor in a number of ways to look at performance and use those metrics to optimize campaigns. In this article, we’ll walk through accessing this tool and using it to create some practical, and fascinating, reports.


AdWords Clicks by Country


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Helpful Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing Professionals

As digital marketers we’re always on the hunt for ways to improve speed and efficiency without sacrificing the analysis that leads to those campaign defining “Aha!” moments. That’s why there is an entire industry comprised of tools and platforms designed to make our jobs easier. One part of that industry is browser extensions that are created to provide at-a-glance details in a consolidated view.
While they may not necessarily make our work less complex, a number of these extensions can help you streamline tasks like testing analytics configuration and analyzing SEO metrics. In this article, we’ve listed several Chrome extensions that we recommend for improving your digital marketing workflow.


Google Page Analytics Chrome Extension


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Building Trust with Analytics Reporting in the New Year

You’re hearing it everywhere: “New Year, New (insert new me, new marketing plan, or your own new thing you’re changing).”
But we’re not really new, are we? Just the same us, trying to be a little better than we were last year. Agencies are no different. While we may not be talking about total re-invention, there’s always an opportunity to become just a little bit better at what we’re already doing. For most agencies, that means retaining clients and making them happier. One really valuable way to do that is to deepen the bonds of trust.
An element of trust is inherent in any agency-client relationship. If a company is paying an agency to do work for them, that company is placing their brand and their marketing dollars into the agency’s hands. Ultimately, both parties establish a mutual trust and understanding with the intent of getting positive results.
As you move into the new year, one burning question in your agency may be, “How can we continue to build trust with our clients?” Communication is crucial to relationships that depend on trust and reporting is powerful and essential form of client communication.
Start the year by taking a good look at your current digital marketing reports and thinking about how you can improve them. Ultimately, you’ll build trust through transparency and by showing how your work relates directly to your client’s goals.


Megalytic KPI Widget Showing Negative Results


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Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

In an industry that can change in an instant, a lot happens in a year. And this year was no different.
The year 2016 saw long-awaited updates, new user behavior habits and expectations, and a virtual explosion of technology driven possibilities. We also witnessed the further development of artificial intelligence, a technology whose full potential has barely been glimpsed.
It’s been a heck of a ride, and it’s not over yet.
As we enter the New Year, digital marketers face exciting prospects from emerging technologies. Our audiences are engaging with tech in different ways, from voice search, to increased mobile usage, to virtual reality. As marketers, with expansion of technology comes an ever greater need to track its effectiveness. In this article, we’ll cover four important trends worthy of your attention in 2017.


Digital Marketing Meets Virtual Reality


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