Monthly Archives: November 2013

Megalytic 2.0 Launching Thursday – Nov. 21st

Thursday we are launching Megalytic 2.0. The new Megalytic is an amazing Google Analytics reporting engine. We’ve made it incredibly easy to build and distribute great looking reports. Widgets, templates, sharing, HTML and PDF, scheduling, white label – all the features you need will be available Thursday.

Existing Megalytic users with free accounts will automatically receive a 14 day free trial. Please log in and check it out on Thursday. We think you will be very pleased!

This new focus means that some features are going away. Facebook and Twitter data are no longer supported. Spreadsheet downloads and client pages are also going away.

We plan to bring back some of these features in the near future, but for now are going to focus on making Megalytic the best possible reporting tool for Google Analytics data.

For a few days after the release, the old product will be available at However, we do not anticipate keeping it up and running for more than a week.

Paying customers will receive a refund of their last month’s charge and will not be billed this month.