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Measuring the Marketing Performance of Different Content Types

Your business’s website exists to sell products or services to potential customers, and it does so in a variety of ways. From informational pages to videos to technical documents to your company blog, these different content types are all working to push visitors to convert. But what content types are doing the best job? How do you know?

measuring marketing performance of different content types


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Showcasing Organic Traffic Results using Megalytic

Here’s a question:
After researching keywords, optimizing landing pages, writing interesting and relevant content, fixing crawl errors, and everything else you’ve done to transform your company’s website into a search engine magnet, how do you showcase the results? How do you demonstrate the benefit of your SEO efforts to clients or internal stakeholders to prove the ROI?
One way is to cut and paste charts and tables from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools into a Word document and email it to your boss or client. But, that is a lot of tedious work. Particularly, if you have to do it every month, for a bunch of different websites. Or, if you’re doing it for an audience who may not understand what those charts and tables mean in the first place.
And maybe you’re not a Google Analytics guru. We’re all pressed for time and few of us have mastered Google Analytics well enough to quickly pull up exactly the data we need and assemble it into a compelling report.
Thankfully, there’s a better way – with Megalytic.

showcasing organic traffic with megalytic

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Elements of an Effective Web Analytics Report

You’ve been tasked with delivering monthly analytics reports to your boss or client. You want to make sure you show the right data and that anyone who reads the reports will understand the value the website is driving.
Sure, you can export a few quick PDFs from Google Analytics and call it a day, but how can you ensure the data makes sense to people who don’t spend every day looking at statistics and graphs? How do you create an analytics report that your client, and your important internal stakeholders, will understand, appreciate and – just as important – take the time to actually read?
Below we break out important tips for creating effective analytics reports. We’ll show you how to create a report designed to communicate the value of your online effort, built specifically for the people who need to see it, regardless of where they sit within an organization.

writing a web analytics report

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Improving Social Media Strategy with Google Analytics

You’re tweeting, you’re posting, you’re linking and you’re following. You think social media efforts are going well for your company, but how do you really know? You know by using Google Analytics to help identify your wins and your failures, and then acting upon that insight to make improvements.
Assuming a key goal from your social media efforts is driving traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers, Google Analytics can help you create better campaigns by identifying the social media networks and content that send you the best traffic. Once you know, you can focus more attention to them and increase ROI.
Below, we offer a few tips and examples of how Google Analytics can help you to get the most out of your social media efforts.

improving social media strategy with google analytics

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Megalytic Upgrade – September 2014

On September 10, 2014 we released a major upgrade of Megalytic. You can log in to your account to check out the new features or start a 14-day trial.
A few of the key new features are highlighted in this YouTube video and this press release.
Some of the key features added in this release are:

  • Pre-built report templates for SEO, Paid Traffic, Content Overview, Conversion, and more.
  • Multiple user support. Add additional users to your account. (Agency and Enterprise Plans).
  • Drag and drop report building interface. Now, you can simply drag widgets into your report to place them exactly where you want.
  • Combine data from multiple websites in a single chart or table using the new “Metrics by View” widget.
  • White Label features now included in all Standard and above plans.
  • Display data quarterly (in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly).
  • Support for demographics data from Google Analytics.

megalytic upgrade september 10 2014

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