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Removing Semalt and other Referer-Spam from Megalytic Reports

Have you ever been creating a report for a client or colleague and notice that all kinds of strange traffic from,, and other weird places is showing up?
That’s what is known as Referer Spam. One of the biggest culprits – Semalt -is examined in detail in this excellent post by Jan Kearney.
Unfortunately, referer-spam seems to be an increasingly common tactic and may be showing up in more and more of your reports.
To remove referer-spam from your Megalytic reports, you can use filters. Here’s a support document that shows how: Removing Semalt and other Referer-Spam from Reports.

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Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to Manage B2C Holiday Campaigns

Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas. Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers see the holiday season drive substantial increases in website visitors and sales. For many, this season will make or break business results for the entire year.
During and after the holiday season, you will need to report on business performance. How well is the website performing vs last year? Which of our new campaigns are turning out to be the most effective? How can we tweak the campaigns that are underperforming to improve our results? What can be learned from this year’s results in order to improve next year?
Start working on your analysis and reports now – it is never too early. Learn to use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to compare with last year and identify what’s working this year.

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The Benefits of Megalytic as a Reporting Platform for Digital Marketing

Whether you work for an agency or an in-house digital marketing team, you’ve probably experienced the pain of reporting. Pulling together stats from Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools and other sources. Massaging the data you’ve collected and creating charts in Excel. Taking screenshots and pasting them into Word documents for your client or team members to view.
Hours and hours of tedious work, on a regular basis. Why hasn’t somebody built a tool for this?
Actually, we have. Megalytic is a reporting platform for digital marketing that eliminates the time suck of manual reporting tasks. Because you have better things to do with your time, right?

Megalytic Dashboard


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Learning to Use the Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports

Your company finally got Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking up and running on the website. As the resident analytics pro, your job is to now take that data and turn it into insights that can help your company market better and be more profitable.
But, where to start?
The Google Analytics standard Ecommerce reports provide an amazing amount of insight right out of the box. In this post, we take you through some of the key Ecommerce reports and indicate how the data they provide can help your company optimize your online selling.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Overview Report


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Updating Your Report Templates with New Data Each Month

Admit it – you dread the first day of every month. That’s when it’s time to start cranking out the monthly analytics reports. For your clients – if you work at an agency – or, if you are an in-house marketer, for the various departments that need data.
Every month, it’s the same routine. A new month rolls in and you spend the next several days exporting data from Google Analytics, importing it to Excel, massaging it, building charts and analyzing it so your client or team can understand the key takeaways. Or maybe you cut and paste screen shots into Word or Google Docs, add some explanatory text and format everything to look nice.
You don’t mind pulling together data for the people who need it – that’s your job and you like your job. The problem is the tedious, mundane work of putting the report together takes up most of your time, leaving precious little for real analytics and insight.
You’ve thought about automating the reports, but it doesn’t seem possible. After all, the reports change each month. You are not just cranking out cookie-cutter analysis. And you need to add commentary to explain, for example, the impact of the latest campaign and how it outperformed the last one. You wish you had a way to do it faster, without sacrificing its value.
Sound familiar? If so, let us introduce you to Megalytic’s Google Analytics Report Templates. These templates hand the grunt work over to Megalytic, while leaving you the flexibility to modify your analytics each month to adjust to new campaigns and other changing business circumstances.
Today, we walk you through the process of automating a monthly report in Megalytic and show how you can retain the flexibility you need.

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