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Simplifying Analytics for Clients

A great many Megalytic customers are digital marketing agencies. These agencies typically need to create monthly marketing campaign performance reports for their clients.
Why do they use Megalytic? Because Megalytic simplifies analytics for clients. The importance of the concept of simplification struck me as I was reading this blog post written by one of our awesome agency customers, Highline Ideas. The post talks about how important it is to simplify analytics for clients, and how they use Megalytic to do it.
If you work for an agency, you probably struggle with this problem as well. You’ve got data in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) – packed with insights that you need to share with clients. But, those tools are too complex for your end users, right? They just need a simple report that shows them what happened with their website and campaigns.
So, what can you do? Maybe cut and paste images from those tools into PowerPoint, Word, or Google Docs? Sure, many people go that route, but there are two big problems with that approach.

  1. The charts and tables can still be complex and confusing. Can your customers look at the screens from Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search Console and understand the importance of the data they are looking at? Probably some can, but many will struggle. You need to simplify the data to address just the issues that your client cares about.
  2. It is a lot of time-consuming grunt work to build reports through manual cut-and-paste. And even if you do it, you are going to have to do it again next month, and the month after, etc., etc. Wouldn’t it be better to simply set up the report once and have it generated automatically each month?
Megalytic solves both these problems for you. First, using connections to your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), Megalytic automatically pulls in the data you need and displays it in simple charts or tables, that you can easily customize to suite the needs of your clients. Secondly, Megalytic keeps your reports up to date, so that once you have set up a report they way that you want it, the report will always be populated with the latest monthly data. No more re-inventing the wheel each month!
This blog post takes you through the steps of setting up your first Megalytic report. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by submitting a help request.


Simplify with Megalytic


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2 Widgets being Discontinued October 10th: Links and Content Keywords

As you may know, Google has recently upgraded the API it provides for access to Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools) data. This is great news, but is also means that the old API is being discontinued, and we are losing access to some data.

Specifically, we will no longer have access to the links and content keywords data. As a result, Megalytic will no longer be able to provide data for our Links and our Content Keywords widgets.

Links and Content Keywords Widgets

Starting around October 10th, we will begin migrating all Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools) connections over to the new API. Once your connections are migrated, we will no longer be able to collect data for the Links and Content Keywords widgets. All connections must be migrated by October 20, 2015 when Google will be discontinuing access to the old API.

We recommend that you begin removing any Links and Content Keywords widgets that you are using in your reports ASAP. If you are doing monthly reports, September will be the last full month that you will have data for these widgets. As of October 10th, these widgets will be removed from the Widget Library.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a help request and we’ll get in touch ASAP.