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Using Megalytic’s New Integration with Facebook Page Insights

With social networks becoming among the most popular places for Internet users to congregate, it’s no mystery why social media marketing has become a core offering of many marketing groups and digital agencies. But reporting on those services sometimes feels separate from the way you present analysis of your other channels. Not anymore.
Often, search engine optimization and online advertising campaigns are run in tandem with social media strategies. In turn, marketers need to report on the data they’re seeing from social media in the same ways they report on website traffic, SEO growth and ad performance. Considering this growing integration, we’ve taken action to help provide better reporting options by including social media metrics in the Megalytic platform.
Building on our successful integration of Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords data, we’re pleased to announce that Megalytic now integrates with Facebook Page Insights!
Now, you can directly pull Facebook Page data into your reports. It’s easier than ever to report on data such as the demographics of people who like the Page, as well as summaries of how various posts perform. The setup is easy and accompanied by highly customizable options to show the information that best relates to your business or clients and their goals.
If you want to click the “Like” button on this new feature now, just wait until we get into the details.


Megalytic's New Facebook Connection


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Tips for Maintaining Client Relationships via Analytics Reporting

Most digital marketers who work with clients have similar experiences. You spend hours each month building links and optimizing website content to build organic search volume. You build out a complex AdWords campaign targeting highly specific keywords. As a result, your client sees a significant increase in leads and revenue coming through their site.
Naturally, you expect your client to credit you with driving this great success for their site. But two months into the campaign, your client calls you up, asking what you’ve been doing and why they aren’t seeing any results.
You can run the best digital marketing campaign in the world, but without properly communicating your efforts and the impact to your client, you’ll struggle to maintain a long-term client relationship. Establishing a regular, detailed reporting strategy is the key to building rapport with a client from the start.


Analytics Reporting Improves Client Relationships


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Megalytic Now Integrated with Facebook Page Insights

We are really excited to announce direct integration with Facebook Pages. This integration the latest step in Megalytic’s advancement toward becoming a one-stop shop for creating digital marketing reports from all major data sources.
Like our integrations with Google Analytics and Adwords, the Facebook Page integration is easy to use, yet powerful. This short video shows how it works.



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Understanding the Referral Report in Google Analytics

Digital marketers spend a lot of time focused on PPC and SEO campaigns in order to drive desirable traffic to a website. The phrases we’re ranking for and bidding on get meticulous attention, so much so that we often forget about some of the other ways that visitors find us.
We put a tremendous amount of the effort we put into reviewing organic search data and PPC campaign performance in analytics. But how closely do we monitor referral reports?
If that’s not a channel you review regularly, you may be missing out on seeing traffic that is coming directly from links you’ve obtained around the web, local business listings, news mentions, and more. Many times, links are only considered as a means to an end, a metric that Google uses in determining how to rank sites in the SERPs (search engine results pages). But the fact is, many of a site’s links may be directly contributing to its traffic.
In this article, we’ll review how to look at referral reports in Google Analytics, and some of the many ways to use that data to better inform your web marketing decisions.


Google Analytics Referral Report Blog Post Image


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