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Analyzing the Demographics of Your Facebook Users

Who is your audience? Answering that question requires you to answer many other questions, such as what do they like; where do they live; and how old are they? The rabbit hole of intelligence goes much deeper, but even a general understanding of these basic details provides a foundation on which to begin to target and refine your marketing messages.
Previously, we’ve talked about seeing likes, reach, and pageviews in Facebook Insights. While you should measure how your page’s footprint is building, it’s also important to look at who encounters your brand. To do that, Facebook provides a wealth of information about your users’ demographics. You can see demographic data about the people who have chosen to like your page and those whom you’ve reached with your posts.
This information can help to show you if you are successfully reaching your brand’s intended audience. With this kind of insight, you can pinpoint and report on demographic categories that appear especially likely to engage with your content. Let’s dive in and look at some key Facebook Insights charts that will help you learn more about the audience you’re reaching on Facebook.


Facebook Insights Breakdown of Pageviews by Age and Gender


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Customizing Megalytic: The Facebook Page Likes Widget

“Do you like me? Circle Yes or No.” The concept of liking and being liked is a hallmark of affection and approval in our society, ingrained in us since the first notes we passed in childhood.
Likewise, one of the most consistent, pervasive and socially influential features in the advent of social media has been Facebook’s “Like” button. The thumbs up that lets you know whether or not you have garnered the approval of the masses.
Now, we’re excited to take our first in-depth look at one of the widgets built for our Facebook integration. The Facebook Page Likes widget allows you to break down page Likes by demographics, source, and other factors. This widget allows you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your social media posting and advertising in your reporting and helps with the process of analyzing what types of people are interested in your brand.


Megalytic Facebook Page Likes Widget


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Understanding Google Analytics Channels

One of the most exciting and important aspects of digital marketing is the ability to understand exactly how your customers are finding you. It informs every single part of integrated campaigns and helps determine which efforts are working and which ones need to be revisited. Google Analytics allows you to zero in on the performances of different marketing channels to evaluate everything from brand awareness to social media messaging. To get the most insight from that data, it’s crucial to understand exactly how Google sorts your traffic.
Channels in Google Analytics are high-level categories indicating how people found your site. While the Source/Medium report shows you in more detail where people came from, Channels are broader, more “user-friendly” names lumping visits together in buckets useful for high-level reporting categories.
For instance, Facebook Sessions often show up in multiple ways in the Source/Medium report. They may appear as,, and, all of which are variations of the same source. The Channels report will include all of these in the Social bucket, so you can see less granular, aggregate numbers on social media performance.


Google Analytics Channels Blog Image


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Understanding Facebook Page Insights: Likes, Reach, and Page Views

Facebook Page Insights is the Facebook platform’s own suite of reporting metrics that allow you to see how well your Page is reaching your target audience. Facebook Page Insights data provides detailed information about the people who like your page and who you reach with your posts. Understanding this reach and engagement will help you to set targets and improve your social media marketing efforts. In addition, you can measure the effectiveness of your posts by looking at how many people saw and interacted with each one. By studying patterns and trends, you can use that intelligence to inform and refine future posts and campaigns.
Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll take a closer look at all the different aspects of your online audience you can analyze through Facebook Insights. We’ll start by covering Likes, Reach, and Page Views.


Facebook Page Insights Overview


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Customizing Megalytic: The Traffic by Segment Widget

Sometimes the big picture isn’t enough when it comes to data. Sometimes you want to dig deeper and get more granular by looking at a specific segment of your audience. The closer you can get to understanding the details of your site visitors, the better you can understand who they are and what they want.
When the default Google Analytics reports aren’t providing the detailed insights you need, you can apply segments to drill down into a subset of your data. In turn, you can also use these segments to customize your digital marketing reports in Megalytic.
The Traffic by Segment widget shows metrics broken out by individual Google Analytics segments. These can include both the default segments as well as custom segments you’ve created for that account. Before using this widget, you’ll want to make sure you understand how the default Google Analytics segments are set up and how the ones that you’ve created are synced with your Megalytic account.


Google Analytics Conversions by Segment in Megalytic


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