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Megalytic Introduces Instagram Reporting

Megalytic has rolled out integration with Instagram Insights data. Marketers can now easily incorporate Instagram performance data into their reports. The data available includes: followers, posts, likes, comments, video views, reach, impressions, demographics, and more.
Like our integrations with Facebook, Google Ads, and others, the Instagram integration is powerful but simple to use. This short video shows how you can get started.



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Megalytic Introduces Bing Ads Integration

If you do paid search engine marketing, you know that Google Ads isn’t the only game in town. With Bing Ads, you can expand your audience with lower CPCs and higher conversion rates than Google. And Megalytic can now support your reporting needs because we’ve introduced an integration with Bing Ads.
You can now put together comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) reports that include data from both Google Ads and Bing Ads. And, in fact, our Bing Ads widgets work in much the same way as our Google Ads widgets. You can drag and drop Bing Ads widgets into a report and customize them to meet your needs.
In this post, we take a look at the new Bing Campaigns widget and show how you can start using it in your reports.

Megalytic Integrates with Bing Ads


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Duplicate Content and SEO

With the rapid pace that digital marketing changes it’s easy to understand why there are so many topics that can create confusion for marketers and website owners. We are all a little guilty of being excited and distracted by the latest shiniest tool, concept or trend in our space. But despite the prevailing enthusiasm and interest in the new and shiny, we often fail to develop a deep and nuanced familiarity with the “next big thing”. In many cases, we buy into the “why” before we ever really learn the “what” or the “how”. Such is the nature of digital marketing. You always have to stay on your toes.
However, duplicate content is a topic that should be well understood by now but, as it stands, it is more often a cause of confusion and a point of debate even among the most seasoned of veterans. The confusion around this topic is due in no small part to misguided, yet frequently shared, myths and basic misunderstandings. These misunderstandings result in poor strategies, wasted efforts, and little to no ROI.
But we’re here to clear things up. In this post, we’ll review pretty much everything you need to know regarding duplicate content and how it impacts SEO.

Duplicate Content


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The Great Megalytic Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, it probably means you spend a lot of your time searching for unique and specific insights among a sea of data and advice. In your normal day to day life, finding answers can feel a bit like a scavenger hunt.
Well, because today is National Scavenger Hunt Day, we’ve decided to take it to the next level. This is the annual day dedicated to accomplishing tasks and collecting miscellaneous items for the pure thrill of the hunt. To get in on the game, we’re happy to announce the Great Megalytic Scavenger Hunt of 2018.
We’ve created a list of 18 questions and quests across 4 different categories, for you to track down! You’ll need an email account, something to take screenshots with, and your sharpest wits.
This post and this scavenger hunt are all about you, our readers. We hope you enjoy our regular posts and our tools, but today let’s play a game. Maybe this exercise will help introduce you to sections of the website or aspects of your account you might not be as familiar with.
But above all, we want you to have fun. To sweeten the deal, we will award a prize to the first submission that correctly responds to all 18 items.
To Enter: Send your responses to by Midnight on May 31st.
The Prize: The winner will receive 6 months FREE Megalytic Premium Subscription ($1,200 value).
Ready? Let’s get scavenging!!!


Scavenger Hunt


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Megalytic Adds Charts to the CSV Widget

Megalytic has announced the addition of charting capabilities for our CSV Widget.
The CSV widget enables you to integrate CSV files and Google Sheets with your Megalytic reports. Using it, you can import data from nearly any source. Furthermore, you can link to editable Google Sheets, so that changes in those spreadsheets are automatically reflected in the Megalytic report.
Now, you can use the CSV widget to create charts as well as tables. All the data visualization capabilities available in other widgets are now available for use in the CSV widget as well. You can now create line, bar, pie, and time-series charts from your imported data.
As this video demonstrates, creating charts from external data in CSV files or Google Sheets is very easy.