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Megalytic Announces Support for Facebook Lead Ads

Marketing report tool now provides access to campaign performance data for Facebook Lead Ads.
Megalytic, the leader in report automation for digital marketers, announced today that their product can now be used to track and report on the performance of Facebook Lead Ads.
Facebook Lead Ads are increasingly popular with Facebook advertisers because they allow potential customers to provide accurate contact information quickly and easily with a form that is part of the ad itself. According to Facebook:

When potential customers see your ad on Facebook, they can sign up for more info or request something from your business—like price estimates, newsletters, product demos, test drives and much more.
By clicking your lead ad, customers will see a form that’s already filled with info they’ve shared with Facebook—like their name, number, or email.
The form is mobile-device friendly and designed for the least amount of typing possible. So it’s quicker for customers to reach you—and gives you accurate, actionable info so you can reach back.

Megalytic users can report on the performance of the their Facebook Lead Ad campaigns, along with other types of Facebook advertising data in a single table of chart. Combine Lead Ad data along with other performance metrics like Impressions, Reach, etc. Other Calls to Action (CTA) are also supported including Website Conversions, Page Likes, and Purchases.
In addition to Facebook Ads, Megalytic provides robust support for Google AdWords PPC reporting, Google Analytics, Search Console (SEO), and Facebook Pages data. Megalytic CEO Mark Hansen says, “Facebook Lead Ads are incredibly popular. We are very excited to include support for these campaigns within the Megalytic reporting tool. This is something that a lot of our customers have been asking for.”
It is very easy to add Facebook Lead Ad statistics to Megalytic reports. You simply select the metrics from a list inside a chart or table editor – as show in the video below. For more information, see our: press release.

Megalytic Announces Support for Scandinavian and Finnish Languages

Reporting tool now provides digital marketers with reports and dashboards in Dansk, Svenska, Bokmål, and Suomi.
Megalytic, the leader in report automation for digital marketers, announced today that their product now publishes digital marketing reports in 4 new languages. Responding to customer demand from Scandinavia, Megalytic now provides translations of chart titles, column headings, axis labeling, date ranges, metric names, etc. in the following languages:
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
Megalytic users can set a default language for their reporting and override that default for individual reports. So, a Digital Agency in Denmark may set their default language to Dansk (Danish), but if they are creating a report for a client in Sweden, they could select Svenska (Swedish) for that client’s report.
Users also have the ability to override individual translations within a report. For example, in Suomi (Finnish), Megalytic translates “Bounce Rate” as “Kimmokemäärä”, but if the English term is preferred in a particular chart or table, users can override the translation and manually enter “Bounce Rate” in one place, while the rest of the report remains in Suomi.
This is a follow-on enhancement that furthers our commitment to Support for Multiple Languages.
For more information, read the full: press release.