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Megalytic is your partner in analytics reporting.

Packed with features for faster, smarter, better looking reports.

Customizable Everything

Customizable Everything

Craft the perfect report for your audience. Charts, tables and maps to present information the way you want. Customizable column headings and legends. Filters to show only the relevant data. Rolling averages, segments, currencies and much more.

Widget Library

Powerful Widget Library

Select exactly the information you want to present from our widget library. Need to show organic traffic? We've got a widget for that. Conversion by geography? We've got that too. AdWords conversions, Facebook likes, posts reach, viral impressions, social referrals, SEO rankings, eCommerce, goals? Its all there.

Integrated With the Data You Need

Integrated With the Data You Need

Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Facebook Page & Ads Insights data - integrated into one powerful reporting system. Megalytic automatically pulls data from your accounts and updates your reports. Upload your own data from CSV files. Even embed images to include charts from other reporting tools.

Logos, Cover Pages and Room for Text

Upload your logos and create cover pages to match your brand. Add comments wherever you need them to explain your insights. Give your reports that personal touch to communicate effectively with your audience.

Multilingual Reporting

Publish reports in multiple languages. Send your German office their analytics report in German. Your Brazilian client can have it in Portuguese. With a couple of clicks, a Megalytic report can be converted from English to Dutch to Arabic - connecting you with your audience in their local language.

Color Themes

Choose a color theme for your reports that matches your style and appeals to your audience. You can select from one of our pre-defined themes, or create your own to perfectly match your brand image.

Delivery Options That Meet Your Needs

Deliver the right data, to the right audience, in the right format, at the right time. Automatically.

Schedule & Go

Schedule and Go

Automatically e-mail reports to clients on a schedule you control.

Automate Distribution

Automate Distribution

Create mailing lists to manage who receives which reports when.

View Anywhere

HTML, PDF, or Paper

Send reports as links to web pages and/or PDF attachments. Even print handouts.

Track Success

Track Delivery

Track bounced emails, so you can ensure reports are getting through to the people who need them.

Awesome client reports on any device

Responsive Reports That Look Great on Any Device

Deliver reports that your audience can read anywhere - or even print out for that big meeting. Create reports that can be read on desktops, tablets or phones. PDFs that can be downloaded and read offline or printed.

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