Megalytic for Marketers

Analytics Reporting, Simplified.

Business owners use Megalytic to keep tabs on digital performance – web traffic, marketing campaigns, eCommerce and more.

  • Easy, fast setup – with templates to get you started.
  • Customize reports to show exactly the key performance indicators you need.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Facebook Page & Advertising Insights.
    Even upload your own data.
  • Reports you can read on desktop, tablet, or phone.
  • Affordable plans for small and medium businesses.

Megalytic is your partner in analytics reporting.

A wide variety of online businesses use Megalytic for their analytics reporting.

From single eCommerce sites to multi-property publishers, business owners use Megalytic to stay on top of their online businesses.

Why? Because Megalytic’s design reflects our core philosophy: Reporting is important. It connects you with your business operations. Megalytic reports help you achieve your goals. Is organic traffic growing fast enough? How did the latest campaign impact conversion rates? How does the average order size from Facebook traffic compare with other sources? Whatever your KPIs are, with Megalytic you can create the reports that keep you on top.

Megalytic will save you time, but more importantly, you will get better reports. That’s why Business Owners choose us. Because reporting is important.

Good Reporting Keeps You Focused on Growing Your Business

Megalytic is a powerful tool that enables you to assemble the right data to keep track of online operations. Get the information you need without spending hours in Excel, exporting data from Google Analytics and other services, creating pivot tables, etc.

Streamline Monthly Reporting

Set up your reports in Megalytic and run them each month in minutes instead of hours or days. Your staff can add comments to highlight important items, provide insight and explanation. Easily share online to discuss with advisors and plan strategy.

Reports That Matter

You need reports that provide real insight into your businesses. Reports that are customized for your online properties and measure what matters. That’s why Megalytic reports are smart, not dumbed-down or cookie-cutter.

Features That Business Owners Love

Everything you need to stay on top of your online business.

  • Templates to get you started quickly.
  • Dozens of widgets to create all the charts and tables you need.
  • Room for plenty of comments, so staff can add insight and explanation.
  • Scheduling and mailing lists, so you can deliver reports to the right people. On time, automatically.
  • Web analytics from Google Analytics.
  • SEO metrics from Search Console (Webmaster Tools).
  • PPC tracking from AdWords.
  • Page & advertising insights from Facebook.
  • CSV file support for uploading external data.
  • Image support to pull in charts from other tools.

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