If you have white labeling features in your Megalytic plan, you can change the default logo that appears on reports.

When you first create a Megalytic account, the default logo is the Megalytic logo. It appears on the report icon in the dashboard and at the top left of the Web View of your report.

default megalytic logo on reports

To change this, navigate to the Manage page, scroll down to the Company section, and click on “Manage Company”. In the top left of this section, click on the “Logo” to upload the image you want to use as the default logo on your reports. Click “Save” at the bottom of the Company section to save your new default logo.

set the default logo for Megalytic reports

Now, all the reports that you create will include this new logo by default. If you need a different logo on any specific report, you can override your default logo be adding a report-specific logo.

changing the default logo in Megalytic

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