Widgets are the building blocks of reports in Megalytic. You can add widgets to a report to create charts and tables or add text and images. Start by clicking the “Add Widget” button from the main screen.

adding a widget in megalytic

The Widget Library will open. Here, you can select from a variety of widgets designed for different purposes. Widgets are grouped into categories by function. Scroll down through the library to see all of the available widgets. You can also use the search bar in the upper right to filter the library for specific types of widgets like “Ecommerce” or “Adwords”.

megalytic's widget library

Click on a widget to add it to your report. The widget will appear, with its default settings, at the top of your report. Once you have edited the widget to display the data you want, you can move it to the location you want in your report. The image below shows the result of clicking on the “Traffic by Source / Medium” widget.

source medium widget in megalytic

By default, this widget displays data in table format. You can change it to a chart, and change the metrics that are displayed, by opening the widget editor by clicking the edit icon in the upper left corner (circled in the image above). This will open the widget editor as shown below.

opening the megalytic widget editor