To create reports, you authorize Megalytic to access data in an account such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Search Console, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, etc. For example, you need to authorize Megalytic for each Google Analytics View, Google Search Console Site, or Facebook Page.

Each View, Site, Page, etc that you authorize Megalytic to connect to, is called a connection.

Megalytic pricing is partially based on how many connections you need.

For example, if you want to create a report that needs data from only one Google Analytics View, then you need only one connection. Alternatively, if you manage 3 websites and you want to create reports for each one using a Google Analytics View and a Google Webmaster Tools Site for each, then you need 6 connections.

It does not matter how many Properties you have in your Google Analytics account, how many Sites you have in Webmaster Tools, how many Facebook Pages you manage, etc. Megalytic charges you only based on how many you authorize us to access, that is, how many connections you have set up in Megalytic.

If you have more questions about connections, or how many you might need, please contact us. Alternatively, just create a trial account and start creating reports. Once you start using Megalytic, you will quickly understand what we mean by a connection.